VoIP Overview

Carrier Hosted Voice Service (CHVS) "Advantage"

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a comprehensive, communications solution that addresses local, long distance and international voice and data solutions through a single network. It allows customers to integrate voice and data applications by converging these services over VITA's contracted IP network.

CHVS VoIP Advantage provides a migration path to VoIP by offering the option to use the customer's existing legacy voice solutions, deploying IP phones at the desktop or use the MSN Messenger client on PCs and laptops. This is referred to as Hosted IP Centrex (HIPC). When using IP phones, customers may eliminate their PBX or CENTREX connection and obtain routing and features from the VITA's network, providing a low-cost alternative to purchasing and managing on-site voice equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Support for traditional features such as dial plans and range privileges
  • Advanced calling features, including find-me routing and selective call acceptance
  • IP-to-IP and IP-to-PSTN calling
  • Local origination calling from certain markets and access back into the local networks for call terminations, including operator services, directory assistance and 911
  • Long distance calling
  • Ability to maintain current PBX and phones and/or migrate to standards-based IP phones
  • Administrative control through a Web interface