Mainframe and Server General Information

Service lead:  Steve Slight 

Mainframe and Server Offerings

Our Servers and Data Center Services family of offerings enables us to serve a wide range of customers from the small to the very large business user. Our services "scale" from the small user that may require a "slice" of a server to the very large user that may require processing on a large mainframe computer. Beyond the actual processing of your business applications, we also provide the devices, tools, connectivity and support to assure you that your business information technology infrastructure needs will be met 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


IT Infrastructure Transformation: Mainframe and Servers - $50 million investment. A mainframe is a very large computer capable of supporting thousands of users at the same time, while a server is a computer or program on a network that manages network resources. The transformation program provides these fiscal and security benefits:

  • new IBM mainframes centralized in a new data center - the Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC) with backup available at the Southwest Virginia Solutions Center (SWESC)
  • modernized and reduced number of commonwealth servers - new and better servers consolidated in the CESC
  • servers in a single, secure location for more efficient monitoring and maintenance. 

Mainframe: VITA provides high performance, high volume, high availability, and secure Mainframe resources for customer agency application development and operation. This includes traditional systems and products capable of hosting and executing agency business applications utilizing a variety of telecommunication and database architectures.

Windows and Unix Server: VITA provides high performance, high volume, high availability and secure resources for hosting customer agency servers, websites and applications. This includes systems and products capable of housing and executing agency business applications utilizing a variety of fail-over and load-balancing techniques. We provide secure internet applications using multi-level authentication, encryption and database clustering. Business applications requiring unauthenticated access (such as read only) are also supported.