Comparison by Tier

Conferencing Meeting Center Price Comparison

Below is a sample comparison of the three pricing options an organization of 200 people has that is interested in Meeting Center data conferencing. In this sample comparison, the three pricing options have similar total monthly fees, but provide different benefits. When evaluating pricing, customers must determine the usage patterns of their organizations to determine the pricing pattern that will best fit their needs. It is recommended that customers use several months of conferencing data for evaluation of minutes used, who is using the minutes, and the number of conference attendees. The price breakdown below is meant to illustrate differences in options for similar price points. These rates do not include audio conferencing, which is a separate service.

Named Host: A fixed seat is assigned to those who host or initiate each meeting or support events. This seat agreement allows each named Host plus 14 additional attendees to participate (total of 15 attendees). This option is better for organizations that will ordinarily use a single trainer or facilitator to host all meetings.

Concurrent User: The number of concurrent users (attendees) purchased is shared between a number of hosts designated by a site. These hosts may not exceed the maximum number of concurrent users available under the seat agreement. This option is better for organizations that will ordinarily have multiple or constantly rotating meeting facilitators.

Pricing options
Choice Monthly Pricing Breakdown Maximum concurrent conferences* Maximum conference size* Users with hosting privileges
Per-minute agreements 200 users x 100 average monthly minutes x $.202 = $4,040 (variable based on usage) Any number of conferences (each conference host must have a per-minute agreement) 500 unlimited
An annual agreement for 60 named hosts 60 x $66.64 = $3,998.40 60 conferences 15 60
An annual agreement for 25 concurrent users 25 x $159.92 = $3,898 Any number of conferences (with a cumulative total of 25 attendees) 25 unlimited