Comparison by Tier

Tiers of Disaster Recovery services vary based on:

  • The business's assigned priority for the software application served by the VITA infrastructure
  • How much application information can be lost (RPO)
  • How fast that information and application needs to be recovered to resume services (RTO)
Criteria Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4, 5, 6
RTO (Recovery Time Objective) < 4h 5h to 24h 25h to 48h 49h to 72h, 73h to 120h, 121h to 168h
RPO (Recovery Point Objective) Minutes to 4h. Minutes to 4h 24h to 48h 24h to 48h
Priority Strategic Strategic Strategic Strategic
DR Technology SAN Async Replication SAN Async Replication backup to Disk with deduplication option backup to Magnetic Tape
Production system location CESC CESC CESC/Agency IT CESC/Agency IT
Minimum Server Requirement Allocated
Optional cluster
Repurposed or allocated
Optional cluster
Repurposed or allocated
Optional cluster
Drop-ship, allocated or repurposed
Hardware / Operational Cost High / High High / Medium Medium / Medium Low or Medium / Medium