General Information

Service lead:  Andy Reid 

Customized Disaster Recovery (DR) Services

A Custom Work Request will be required for any Disaster Recovery service initiation or change. Decisions regarding servers, storage and service initiation by a DR implementation team. Final pricing, including any systems engineering costs, will be calculated offline after the VITA Customer Service Lead (CSL) and NG Service Integration Manager collaborate with the requestor to confirm business requirements, technical requirements, implementation scope and schedule. IT Service Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) services are the activities required to provide prioritized IT Service Continuity and DR support services for customer's critical infrastructure (e.g., CPU, servers, network, data and output devices, end-user devices) and associated voice and data networks, customer applications, associated infrastructure and voice communications services.

VITA is providing a six tiered DR solution that provides more granularities on costs of services for the Commonwealth agencies. Agencies can choose between larger ranges of services selecting the most applicable solution that will meet their disaster recovery requirements.

Along with providing a DR facility and the associated hardware and infrastructure, the ITP will also:

  • Assist agencies with updating/building their IT DR plans
  • Perform gap analysis on all IT DR plans
  • Build implementation plan for all IT DR plans from gap analysis
  • Enter any risks to the plans into the DR risk database
  • Build recovery kits for IT DR plans
  • Support all DR testing efforts
  • Coordinate with service area resources to fulfill test business requirements
  • Coordinate with agencies before, during and after DR test
  • Create and present a post test report to all testing efforts