EHS - Enterprise Handheld Services (Airwatch, Non-Blackberry)

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EHS - Enterprise Handheld Services (Airwatch, Non-Blackberry)


EHS enables state employees to securely access Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) enterprise email accounts from smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, Droids, Windows mobile devices and more. EHS using AirWatch now is available for iOS and Android device activation.

Please note that there is a new ordering process for EHS. Instead of submitting a work request, refer to the How To Order section, below.


How to order

(NOTE: This is a new process as of 4/1/2014.)

  1. Place a Telecommunications Service Request (TSR) - Submit a TSR Form online. Be sure to write down your agency log number.
  2. Complete the AirWatch Device Spreadsheet. Also located at Service Catalog > Form Library.
  3. Email the spreadsheet to along with the agency log number referenced on the TSR.

If you have questions regarding the receipt of a TSR, please email the TCS mailbox at


Additional product information


Enterprise Handheld Services (EHS) with AirWatch


**Important Note: If you type your password incorrectly on your device 10 consecutive times, your device will wipe back to factory defaults. All corporate and personal data will be deleted. EHS-AirWatch administrators have the ability to reset your password and help you in this situation. If you forget your password you always have the option to call the VCCC for assistance.


Q: What is EHS with AirWatch?


A: EHS-AirWatch enables state employees to securely access the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) enterprise email accounts from smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, Droids, Windows mobile devices and more, provided the requestor is currently subscribed to and part of the COV domain. This service can be used on commonwealth-owned and personally-owned devices. In addition to email, users can access calendars and contacts. With this service tracking of Outlook tasks is not supported. COV agency mobile applications and secure intranet browsing are supported.


Q: Is the EHS-AirWatch offering changing?


A: There are three (3) services that are offered for accessing email with mobile devices; these services include BlackBerry, Good Technology and now AirWatch. The EHS service is adding a new partner-AirWatch. For the time being, EHS-GOOD is still available with Good Technology.

EHS-AirWatch provides additional functionality and does not require the purchase of a license. The service is beneficial to the commonwealth because it allows for mobile application management, secure productivity and collaboration on a variety of devices. It also reduces the number of handheld devices state employees carry and make employees more mobile.


Q : Can I switch from EHS-Good Technology to EHS-AirWatch?


A: Yes. Messaging and Directory Services (MDS) will be working with each agency to schedule migration of existing users. In the meantime, agency telecommunications coordinators can submit a telecommunications service request ( TSR ) for AirWatch, and the MDS team will automatically disconnect the Good service for that device. At that time, the Good license is available for use by another user at the agency.


Q: Do I need a different data plan for my device to use the EHS-AirWatch application?


A: At this time EHS-AirWatch is compatible with all data plans. However, carriers may change this without notice.


Q: How secure is EHS-AirWatch?


A: Business applications and data are managed consistently in accordance with Commonwealth of Virginia policies and standards. Enterprise data is encrypted and application passwords are enforced at the handheld security phase.


Q: How do I select who should receive EHS-AirWatch capabilities at my agency?


A: This is up to each individual agency. We suggest you work with your user base to determine which employees may take advantage of EHS-AirWatch. Please refer to your information security officer (ISO) for the VITA COV Mobile Device Security Policy and the VITA Non-COV Mobile Device Security Policy.


Q: Is there guidance on stipends or offsetting costs associated with using personal devices used in conjunction with this service?


A: Each agency has their own policy. Please refer to your AITR for guidance.


Q: How do I sign up my agency for EHS-AirWatch?


A: For any and all requests for the EHS-AirWatch service, agency telecommunications coordinators should submit a TSR . This is for the initial service sign up, adds, removes and changes to the service, including service cancellation. Voice, data and AirWatch services can all be ordered on a single TSR, and multiple device adds, removes or changes can also be requested on one TSR. Please include the required spreadsheet by sending it to the mailbox. The spreadsheet can be found on the VITA COV intranet under Resources > Enterprise Handheld Services: .


Q: What happens once I order EHS-AirWatch?


A: It will take a week after the telecommunications coordinator submits the TSR for the user to receive a welcome letter email with a link to activation instructions. Should the employee have any questions or concerns with activation, he or she should contact the VCCC at (866) 637-8482. This FAQ, as well as the activation directions for each mobile device type, and the AirWatch Device Spreadsheet can be found on the VITA COV intranet under Resources > Enterprise Handheld Services: .


Q: What does it cost?


A: The cost for the service is indicated on this Service Catalog page.   

Q: What types of devices can I add to EHS-AirWatch?


A: At this time, we are only adding iOS 5.0 and above and Android 3.0 and above. Windows 8 Mobile devices will be added at a later date. Note: as new mobile operating systems are released, older versions will become unsupported by EHS. Customers are encouraged to select phones that utilize the most recent release.


Q: How do I activate my device?


A: You will receive an email with activation instructions.


Q: What if I have two devices and would like them both activated with EHS-AirWatch?


A: Multiple devices can be activated for one user; however, monthly fees will be charged for each device. Refer to the commonwealth policy about the use of multiple devices.


Q: How do agencies order smart devices?


A: Smart devices and the associated wireless services, are ordered via telecommunications service request (TSR) from statewide contracts. For additional information, please contact your telecommunications coordinator.


Q: Can personal data on employee phones be separated from business information?


A: For iOS devices, all corporate data will be integrated with the native device applications. For Android devices, AirWatch utilizes containers for email, calendar and contacts which separate them from native applications. If commonwealth information on the device must be wiped, personal information can be retained. Please refer to the commonwealth Mobile Device Security Policy for more details.


Q: What happens if I get a new device?


A: Any and all requests related to the EHS-AirWatch service should be made through the online TSR form and the related spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be found on the VITA COV intranet under Resources > Enterprise Handheld Services: .


Q.What happens when an employee no longer needs the service or moves to another agency?


A. When a user leaves the agency, the agency telecommunications coordinator must submit a TSR to deactivate the account and wipe the business data from the device.


Q. Can I use S/MIME email encryption with AirWatch?


A. No.


Q: If I have a problem with my phone, who do I contact?


A: If you have an issue with the EHS-AirWatch application, contact the VCCC. Support issues regarding the device should be directed to the vendor from which you purchased it.


Q: Where will my COV data reside on my device?


A: On iOS devices all COV data resides in the native OS applications. On Android devices, AirWatch utilizes containers for email, calendar and contacts which separate them from native applications.


Q: What do I do if I forget my device password?


A: If you forget your device password, you can call the VCCC to have it reset or cleared. If you type in the wrong password ten consecutive times (corporate or personal owned), your device will automatically wipe to factory defaults .


Q: What happens to my device if I un-enroll from EHS-AirWatch?


A: Due to the nature of mobile operating systems, each device manufacturer is able to extend the functionality of email and provide a unique experience both from a security perspective as well as an end user experience perspective. Therefore, un-enrollment varies by operating system and device. Generally you should expect that if your device is un-enrolled either by you or by an administrator, all COV data will be removed. Additionally, according to commonwealth security policy, if COV data cannot be separated and removed then all data will be removed.


Q: My device allows for multiple methods of authentication. Will I be able to utilize these features when using EHS-AirWatch?


A: No. EHS-AirWatch only allows PIN authentication. PIN authentication requires a minimum of four numbers.


Q: What do I do if I need help configuring my device settings?


A: VITA and Northrop Grumman support extends to the enrollment and activation of EHS-AirWatch on devices. Further device configuration assistance should be obtained through the device manufacturer or carrier.


Q: Can I browse to my agency's internal websites through my EHS-AirWatch device?


A: To browse an agency internal website you must install the AirWatch Browser App from the Google Play Store or iTunes. In conjunction the agency must submit a request through the VCCC to work with MDS to enable this functionality.


Q: What do I do if my device stops receiving email?


A: If your device stops receiving email, there are several steps you should take:


  1. Check to make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or to your carrier for data.
    • Ensure you are not roaming. Some carriers automatically stop data connectivity when you are roaming.
  2. Check to make sure you are receiving email in your Outlook mailbox.
  3. Check to make sure you have the ability to access websites in the browser.
  4. Check to make sure the email synch is not set to manual.
  5. Check to see if your commonwealth calendar and contacts are synching to the device.
  6. Restart the device and recheck the above steps.
  7. If you still continue to experience issues, contact the VCCC. Give the analyst as much information as you can regarding the troubleshooting steps you have taken.


Q: Who is responsible for loading the AirWatch application on the mobile device?


A: The end user is responsible for loading the AirWatch application from their device application store.