Ordering VITA Infrastructure Services

The most up-to-date instructions are on each service's Catalog page under tab How To Order.

The following table helps direct the user to the proper methods for ordering services.

  • Work Requests are used to order or modify services that cannot be addressed via other ordering processes. There are two types: Custom and Standard. A custom work request requires the development of a solution, while a standard work request has a predefined solution. Requirements forms for custom work requests and standard work request forms can be found in the Service Catalog form library.

  • Service Requests may be placed by contacting the VITA Customer Care Center VCCC using the link on the left of this page.

  • TSRs are Telecommunications Service Requests, placed using an online form linked in the service descriptions here in the Service Catalog.

  • eVA ordered items may be handled by your procurement specialist. Visit eVA's website for more information

Infrastructure Services with Order Methods

Revision date 8/19/2016

Service Work Request Service Request via VCCC TSR eVA
Server and Storage Services        
New Server (Virtual at CESC) Standard - note 1      
New Server (Virtual at non-CESC location) Standard - note 1      
New Server (Physical) Custom      
Increase Physical Server Memory (RAM) Custom      
Modify SAN Data Storage (CESC) Standard - note 1      
Modify SAN Data Storage (non-CESC) Standard - note 1      
Backup Modifications(opt-in / opt-out) Custom    
Storage Authorization for Clone (CESC/SWESC only) Custom      
Agency File Restores   X    
Server Decommissioning   X    
Load SQL D/B, Oracle, SharePoint Server (existing HW) Custom      
Rebuild / Reimage Server OS Custom      
Upgrade SQL or Server OS   X-note 2    
Upgrade 'Agency Specific' Server Applications Custom      
Network Services          
COVANet Network Circuit     X  
MPLS Network Circuit
MPLS Bandwidth Modification   X  
MPLS Network Circuit Custom Analysis Custom     
Secure Wireless LAN (new - building) Custom      
Secure Wireless LAN (new - single room) Standard - note 1      
Secure Wireless LAN (replacement) Custom      
Add/Remove network ports (1 - 25)   X    
Add/Remove network ports (26+) Custom      
Managed Firewall Standard - note 1      
Managed Router Custom      
Site to Site VPN Standard - note 1      
Connection of 3rd Party postage machine Standard - note 1
Connection of 3rd Party Network Device (excluding printer, MFD, copier) Custom      
Enterprise Remote Connectivity Services (ERCS) - New Standard - note 1      
Enterprise Remote Connectivity Services (ERCS) - Relocation Custom      
Voice Services          
UCaaS - New Site / New System Custom      
UCaaS - Additional Phone Request     X  
Non-UCaaS Phone System - New Site or Replacement Custom      
Legacy Phone System Upgrade Request    
Legacy Phone Systems Request (additional phone)       X
Legacy VoIP Minor Modifications (changing line appearances; call pickup groups; hunt groups)     X  
Phone Line / FAX (analog)     X  
Cell Phone including Blackberry     X  
Personal Computing Services          
PC Install, Move, Add, Change/Remove IMAC (1-15 Users)   X note 3    
PC Install, Move, Add, Change/Remove IMAC (16 +) Custom note 3      
Order New PCs (1-15)       X
Order New PCs (15 +) Custom      
Order PC Peripherals / Incrementals       X
Application Software (Purchase)       X
Additional Memory for PC's (1-15)        
Additional Memory for PC's (16+)    Custom      
Agency PC Application Software (Packaging, Installation, Modification) Standard - note 1      
New Printer (Network Attached)       X
Connection of 3rd Party copier, MFD, printer to Network (1-15 users) Standard-note 1      
Connection of 3rd Party copier, MFD, printer to Network (16+ users) Custom      
Security Services          
Managed Web Proxy (Enterprise Bluecoat and modifications to standard policy)   X    
Agency Specific Web Proxy Custom      
End User Remote Access (RSA Tokens Only)       X
Logical Security Architecture & Engineering Custom      
Messaging Services          
Office Communicator   X    
Enterprise Handheld Service Airwatch or Blackberry    
Resource Mailbox   X    
Rightfax Services         

Hosted Mail Archive Service (New)

Standard - note 1       
Hosted Mail Archive Service (discontinue service)        
Hosted Mail Archive PST Ingestion   Custom       
Collaboration Services         
SharePoint Services (new and modifications to existing)   Standard - note 1      
Sharepoint Training  Standard - note 1       
Office/Equipment Moves, New Offices, and Office Closures          
Moving pc's and/or data ports with ITP supported spaces (between rooms/floors within the same building or to another building at the same physical address). Excludes phone, server, and network printer relocation.   X    
All other moves (see voice services section for phone relocation guidance)   Custom       
New Office, Temporary Office, or Office Closure   Custom       


1- see conditions in standard form found in Service Catalog Form Library. If the conditions cannot be met, submit a custom work request.

2- dependency that existing platform can support the upgrade version; and/or hardware compatible to the requested upgrade version. Versions will remain the same (enterprise-enterprise; standard-standard). Maintaining current or current - 1 version of SQL or server OS version.

3- Desktop/Laptop PC (monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking station ) counts as 1 IMAC unit;additional monitors also count as 1 IMAC unit. See Office/Equipment Moves Section for details regarding moves.