Use This Catalog

Guidance for Online Ordering of VITA Services

User guidance for the VITA Service Catalog and Work Request Management database.

The new version 2.2 of the VITA IT Service Catalog has a login button at the top of the webpage. COV users are able to perform most actions noted in guidance sections 1-5, below.

User guidance for the service catalog's release version 2.2

Users of the current Service Catalog may continue to follow guidance in Section 6.0, below.

1.0 Access

1.1 Browse, login, and access rights

Anyone with internet access may browse the service catalog's services.

1.3 Who is my AITR?

The list of personnel assigned as AITR for each agency is available only to COV-credentialed users while logged in to the service catalog. The list is updated monthly.

2.0 Navigate

2.1 Site tour

Top of webpages: The standard VITA template shows links to and other statewide online resources

Breadcrumb and search bar: This blue horizontal bar under the title section shows the breadcrumbs, or links back to the home page. These links are helpful in searching for services as they allow users to retrace a navigation path in lieu of using the browser "Back" button. The catalog "Search" button opens a search page that is restricted to the service catalog and its services content.

Left navigation area: This is the list of service areas in a blue column. Select the top item, "Standard work requests" to view the most frequently requested services and service bundles. The categories of standard work requests open in the main body of the webpage for selection. Referring back to the blue column of services, select the second item, "Conferencing Media Services." This shows a pair of green links that provide more information general to the category, namely "General Information" and "Comparison by Tier." These green links may be found in most other service categories as well. Find the "How Do I" link to user guidance near the bottom of the left navigation area. The "Form Library" is at the bottom, and contains detailed documents.

VITA Customer Care Center: This section lists contact information for general user support

Bottom of webpages: Contained here are the links to "Use this Catalog," "Contact us/Feedback," and general VITA agency contact information and links.